We offer consulting expertise along three main tracks.

P R O G R A M e& e P R O J E C T e M A N A G E M E N T
Our approach to management is tailored for every client situation and is based on extensive
experience of our managers, who have a demonstrated track record of delivering successful
projects to clients in the public and private sectors.  The customization of the management
methodology is, however, based on established management standards like Carnegie Mellon
University Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®), the
Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), and
similar programs.  

Some specific characteristics and key competencies in this offering:
  • Adaptive Optimization, during task order delivery, within the contract parameters of the
    following constraints: Scope, Schedule, Quality, Resources, Customer Satisfaction &
  • Continuous Monitoring and performance improvement over the life of the engagement.
  • Proactive and agile Risk Management; communication framework; & contingency
  • Business Process Analysis, Re-engineering & Management
  • Earned Value Reporting & Financial Management
  • Program Management techniques where multiple projects are involved to establish
    systematic frameworks for leveraging business, operations, technology, and risk
    management experiences and to provide consistency in program and project
    execution, integration, and resource utilization.
  • Change Management discipline to promote effective implementation of major
    organizational, process, and technology transformation.
  • Quality Management practices to establish, implement, communicate and support
    project quality practices. Typically, quality management goals are set to exceed
    performance requirements, achieve full customer satisfaction and deliver user

S O F T W A R E eD E V E L O P M E N T e& eS U S T A I N M E N T
Our tailored agile and/or structured development processes can be employed for software
development & systems integration projects across all levels of complexity.  The iterative,
phased approach results in quality software along with clearly defined milestones along the
way.  We believe in “Change Happens” and in developing custom systems that are only as
complex as they need to be but no more.  

Some specific characteristics and key competencies in this offering:
  • Systems Specification, Design, Development, Test & Support
  • Functional Analysis and Use Case Specification
  • Platform-agnostic Application Design & Development
  • Emerging & Mobile Technologies, SAAS, Service Oriented Architecture.
  • External & Internal Systems Integration and Interfaces
  • Database Physical & Logical Design, Data Modeling, Development & Administration
  • COTS Product Configuration, Customization & Administration
  • Documentation and Technical Writing
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • BPM, Workflow & Collaboration Capabilities
  • Web Site Development and Web Content Management
  • Enterprise Content/Document Management
  • Social Networks & Mobile Apps

Q U A L I T Y eA S S U R A N C Ee / eI V & V
With Governments & companies under budget pressures, there is an imperative to insure IT
projects from the likelihood of failure, especially as the complexity increases.  Our QA / IV&V
services bring a qualified, objective, honest, and independent approach to assess and report
on project risks; project management quality; technology standards integration into system
requirements; and in general, help ensure that IT projects are aligned & achieve the business
requirements & goals.  

This function can help detect and/or anticipate common characteristics of a project at risk for
failure, like:
  • System delivery exceeding budget or not conforming to schedule.  This maybe the
    result of inadequate project controls; lack of change management processes; and/or
    inability to effectively re-engineer business process.  
  • Scope delivered that is not per user expectations and where delivered, does not
    function properly or expected benefits do not materialize.  This is a common
    characteristic where the business cedes ownership of the program to IT.
  • System sold as replacing legacy systems, does not fully subsume them.
  • Organizational or stakeholder resistance to embrace change engendered by new
    systems and processes.
  • Deficient business process analyses resulting in functionality that is hard to use or
    does not solve the problems it was designed to address.  This may be due to key
    SMEs that understand the business but are unable to participate in the project
    because they are busy running day-to-day operations.
  • Issues and deficiencies in project controls leading to low quality systems and
    sometimes, fraud.

Some key competencies across the spectrum of project management; organizational change;
technology; and internal controls segments:
  • Risk Assessment, Communication, Mitigation & Monitoring
  • Project Management Methodology Review, Gap Analysis, Remediation & Monitoring
  • Deliverables Standards Review, Conformance and Rectification
  • Performance Metrics Identification, Specification, Measurement, Evaluation and
  • Configuration Management Review, Assessment & Improvements
  • System Unit, Integration, Functional, Load & Regression Testing
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